What is it All About Anyways?

I’m asking a question here. Random thoughts.

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“We live in turbulent times,” is a cliché I’ve heard since I was a toddler, I’m sure. That was the 1960s.

So, the question I have is, what is turbulent? What is one word that I can use to describe what causes the turbulence?

Political struggles? Evil? Perception of evil? Religion? Belief?

Is it communism vs. democracy? Is it Christianity vs. any other religion? Good vs. evil? Or, is it simply perception?

Perception is a good place to start when answering this question. We each have our own perception of what is right and wrong, and when left alone, we develop ideas that are contrary to the ideas of others, but we are sure we are right and they are wrong. So, perception might be a good place to start, but we find that we continue to ask the question.

I find that there is something fundamentally wrong about our perceptions. If we rely on our perceptions, we are not basing our ideas on an objective ideal. How we see the world is subjective, and we need to measure our perception against an objective standard. We find it difficult find a reality that is outside of ourselves. We are simply too emotionally invested in our perceptions.

So, if we need an objective perspective on what is right and wrong or good and evil, where do we get that perspective from? The imediate response from some might be “from God.” Others would answer, “which god?”

My answer would be, “ the Christian God.” In defense of that answer, here are a few things to consider:

What evidence is there for this assertion?

Well, the Bible, an historical book, has so much consistency to it, that it is impossible for a single person or entity to have created such a book on their own. The consistency isn’t on the surface, but deep in understanding how God is the same historically and today, and how we can rely on that God being the same in the future.

Usually, when someone challenges me that there are inconsistencies, they end up talking about superficial differences. If you dig a bit deeper, you will find some more consistency.

The Bible outlines the history of God’s relationship with man.

God created us, we didn’t invent God.

I remember feeling stunned the first time I heard the argument that we invented God. It took me aback that anyone would think this way. If we invented God, then there is no god to believe in. Yet, there are a number of religious experts who believe in the gods that we have invented.

That means we can invent a better version of god as we evolve. This so-called god would have a better understanding of humans, and would have to study us so that he or she or they could guide us better.

It’s such an absurd assertion.

If we look at the Christian God, what He says to us and how he has interacted with us is consistent through time. We see a God who understands us and helps us based on an understanding of human nature that goes way beyond our own often misguided intuitions.

Back to Point

I could go on, but I want to go back to my question in the title: what is it all about?

The answer is simple: it’s about our beliefs.

What we believe to be right and wrong is based on where we get our understanding, our perception, of how things should work. If the source of your information is wrong, or evil, then your perceptions will be wrong or evil. Even your understanding of what is right and wrong at an axiomatic (pre-conceptions) level will be affected.

Our psyche, or ego, holds on furiously to our beliefs. So much so that we engage in arguments, fights, and wars over them.

Make sure your source of what you think is right and wrong is a good source. I find that governments are rarely good sources. If you know, objectively, that the source of your beliefs is perfect, great.

As for me, I’m looking for something outside of my own perceptions. I’m heading to Church.



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