My 400 Word Life Story

Well, that’s five words so far, and with this sentence, it’s already 19 words. So, I’d better get on with it.

Lorin Ledger
2 min readMay 4, 2023
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I was born in a very cold part of Canada at the beginning of winter in 1960. My parents moved to Uganda (Africa) with me before I was three months old. I was the loudest baby anyone on the ship could ever remember.

In 1968, we took a ship back from Kenya around South Africa. The Suez war was on then, so I got to be on a ship for a long trip. This time there were days when the waves went over the deck. It was exciting for me, but not for my dad.

I learned early in life that people can literally turn green when they are seasick. Thanks dad!

While in Uganda, I had learned to swim, so I arrived in Canada with a great skill. By the time I was twelve I passed the Bronze Medallion lifeguarding test, but they couldn’t give me the award until I was 14.

In my teens, I went on to become a lifeguard and a swimming instructor. In my twenties, I progressed to the highest skill level in the Royal Life-saving Society of Canada (RLSC) and the highest level that the Red Cross offered, which was the Award of Distinction.

I also attended Sea Cadets in high school and completed a diving course and took sailing lessons.

In my twenties, I took up canoeing and kayaking. I know what it’s like to go down a level three white-water rapid.

Then, from 26 to 29, I ran Lorin’s Swim School in Unionville, thanks to help from Bil Bird Aquatics. Bil was a great mentor for me, but I didn’t know that until a few years later.

I seem to have abandoned swimming after that, which is when I got married.

Of course, I did other things in my life, such as get a university degree, worked in a career as a technical writer, and am now a creative writer who teaches English on the side to pay the bills. I had children, lost loved ones, made mistakes, and did some good things as well.

I still swim today and one day I will sell my novel, get a sailboat, and then retire.

I don’t get seasick, so, it will be a perfect retirement for me.



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